6 Simple Tips On How To Spot Your Ideal Condo


Fueled by your dreams and excitement, choosing your ideal condo  can be both challenging and draining. It is a huge investment after all- one that you cannot just turn into cash right away like your jewelry to a pawnshop. You must take all the time you need and never rush, do extensive research, and talk to right people.

To make it easier for you to start, here is the list of simple tips that you must remember when purchasing a unit from The Jovell

  1. Budget and other financial matters

Just like any other investments, never get a condo beyond your means. Think what happens to you if an emergency strikes and you have to bleed some money dry- will you be able to survive the next few years? Or even the next five months. You may be persuaded by a condo’s sales representative by talking about really low down payment, but bear in mind that down payment isn’t all you have to pay. You have to consider the monthly maintenance or association dues, and other fees like realty tax.

  1. Location

Location greatly affects the potential price of your unit and convenience. For instance, if a condominium is located near or at the center of business are, chances are going to be expensive. The price you have to pay for location is also the price you have to pay for accessibility, security, and convenience. Is your condo accessible from going to and from your working area? Are there many histories related to crimes, not just the condo premises but the nearby spots as well? Is there a convenience store close by? If you are to shell out a hefty sum of money, make sure you’ll be able to live comfortably.

  1. Reputation of developer

This is more or less connected to the first point- know the developers before buying a unit. Depending on the developer, condominium buildings might get the best amenities their homeowners and tenants deserve while other condos can’t even have their premises done because they ran out of money. If that’s the case, you will have a hard time getting your money back.

Research reputable and proven reliable estate developers in the country to make the most of your money and achieve a high-quality lifestyle.

  1. Security

Security is not only about going against crimes and thefts but can also be about unexpected and intangible emergency situations as well. Everything must be tight- functioning CCTV cameras in every hallway, rounds made by trained security officers, active concierge, well-maintained fire alarms and updated fire extinguisher, and accessible fire exits.

  1. Rules

Some condos allow pets; some do not. This may be an issue to some, and there are others who do not mind at all. This just goes that there are certain rules and regulations condo unit owners must follow. Stricter condominiums don’t allow changing of the curtain’s design. Instead, a uniform curtain must be followed. Some condominiums allow the residents to have their clothes be hung on the terrace or by the window, but some condominiums do not allow this at all.

As a resident, you are obliged to follow the rules. If not, you will be penalized.

  1. Amenities and parking

If you are paying hugely for a condo unit, be sure to make the most out of it. If you are paying a premium, the amenities and facilities should be premium as well. Some condominiums include a gym, function hall, clubhouse, swimming pool, and children’s playground. And car parks are usually limited, which means if you want to have one, you have to pay for it.

Price is not everything when choosing a The Jovell┬ácondo. Don’t get caught up in the sweet talks of sales representatives, be lured upon by brochures and sample units, and be blinded to other future issues. Think rationally and weigh the advantage and disadvantages of certain prospects. In this way, you can ensure a better condo-living for you and your family in the future.