6 Simple Tips On How To Spot Your Ideal Condo


Fueled by your dreams and excitement, choosing your ideal condo  can be both challenging and draining. It is a huge investment after all- one that you cannot just turn into cash right away like your jewelry to a pawnshop. You must take all the time you need and never rush, do extensive research, and talk to right people.

To make it easier for you to start, here is the list of simple tips that you must remember when purchasing a unit from The Jovell

  1. Budget and other financial matters

Just like any other investments, never get a condo beyond your means. Think what happens to you if an emergency strikes and you have to bleed some money dry- will you be able to survive the next few years? Or even the next five months. You may be persuaded by a condo’s sales representative by talking about really low down payment, but bear in mind that down payment isn’t all you have to pay. You have to consider the monthly maintenance or association dues, and other fees like realty tax.

  1. Location

Location greatly affects the potential price of your unit and convenience. For instance, if a condominium is located near or at the center of business are, chances are going to be expensive. The price you have to pay for location is also the price you have to pay for accessibility, security, and convenience. Is your condo accessible from going to and from your working area? Are there many histories related to crimes, not just the condo premises but the nearby spots as well? Is there a convenience store close by? If you are to shell out a hefty sum of money, make sure you’ll be able to live comfortably.

  1. Reputation of developer

This is more or less connected to the first point- know the developers before buying a unit. Depending on the developer, condominium buildings might get the best amenities their homeowners and tenants deserve while other condos can’t even have their premises done because they ran out of money. If that’s the case, you will have a hard time getting your money back.

Research reputable and proven reliable estate developers in the country to make the most of your money and achieve a high-quality lifestyle.

  1. Security

Security is not only about going against crimes and thefts but can also be about unexpected and intangible emergency situations as well. Everything must be tight- functioning CCTV cameras in every hallway, rounds made by trained security officers, active concierge, well-maintained fire alarms and updated fire extinguisher, and accessible fire exits.

  1. Rules

Some condos allow pets; some do not. This may be an issue to some, and there are others who do not mind at all. This just goes that there are certain rules and regulations condo unit owners must follow. Stricter condominiums don’t allow changing of the curtain’s design. Instead, a uniform curtain must be followed. Some condominiums allow the residents to have their clothes be hung on the terrace or by the window, but some condominiums do not allow this at all.

As a resident, you are obliged to follow the rules. If not, you will be penalized.

  1. Amenities and parking

If you are paying hugely for a condo unit, be sure to make the most out of it. If you are paying a premium, the amenities and facilities should be premium as well. Some condominiums include a gym, function hall, clubhouse, swimming pool, and children’s playground. And car parks are usually limited, which means if you want to have one, you have to pay for it.

Price is not everything when choosing a The Jovell condo. Don’t get caught up in the sweet talks of sales representatives, be lured upon by brochures and sample units, and be blinded to other future issues. Think rationally and weigh the advantage and disadvantages of certain prospects. In this way, you can ensure a better condo-living for you and your family in the future.

Le Quest Qingjian

Look out for this long-desired development, Le Quest by Qingjian Realty which will soon be located in Bukit Batok West Avenue 6.

Le Quest is a mixed development which blends both commercial and residential uses. The development is expected to house about 500 residential units.

Located within the Bukit Batok neighbourhood which is a mature estate, Le Quest condo is surrounded by a wide array of amenities and facilities. With several upcoming amenities and facilitiessuch as childcare and education centres and commercial facilities such as retails shops, supermarkets and eateries, residents are not only limited to the commercial facilities in their own condominium.

Living Close to Nature

The entire Bukit Batok town is lined with continuous park connector and green spaces including Bukit Batok Nature Park and Little Guilin. The nearby Bukit Batok Hillside Park will also be extended in the near future and much more Park connectors and cycling paths that form a new cycling network will connect the entire estate. Nature lovers can look forward to a continuous ride in the tranquil neighbourhood.


The Bukit Batok Condo, Le Quest is only a quick ride to West Mall Shopping Mall. Shopping, cinema, supermarket and the public library retails outlets can all be found within here. Slightly further away, there is the Lot One Shopping mall cinema, library, eateries and retail shops are all within the shopping centre. Residents can opt to shop in the nearby mega malls such as GEM, JCube and Westgate Shopping mall.

Nearby Primary Schools include school for example Bukit View Primary, Princess Elizabeth Primary and Yuhua Primary. Secondary schools including Crest Secondary, Bukit View Secondary and Bukit Batok Secondary are within the vicinity. Dulwich College is just round the corner.

Check the video on Le Quest:

Diverse career opportunities

The Jurong Gateway Precinct at Jurong MRT station which is labelled as the second Central Business District of Singapore is also a short drive away. The Jurong Gateway is composed of 220,000 sqm of office spaces and 216 bring in 175,ooo job opportunities. Beside residents, this is news for homebuyers that are looking for areas with good rental potentials.

Both Bukit Gombak MRT station and Bukit Batok are also a few bus stops away.

An Effective Way To Find Quality Executive Condo For Your Needs

Gathering as much information as possible about a Executive Condo is imperative before you purchase it. To settle on the right choice about Bellewoods, make sure to know as much as you can about it. The article that follows has information that can keep you from having a nightmare of a buying experience, and might help increase the chances that you’ll have an enjoyable one instead. When you find yourself looking to purchase, browse through the following strategies for guidance.

The end costs of purchasing a house is something that’s imperative to know. You should never forget to address closing costs when settling on your Bellewoods Executive Condo. Closing costs should include the original lender fee, title and settlement fees, and taxes. To get an estimate, search for annual closing cost surveys for properties in your area to get a great idea.

Be positively certain to factor in the Bellewoods EC value and what you can afford into your first bid. Your starting bid should be something that’s fair and reasonable and not going to completely offend the vendor. Some people think that they should start with a low offer for the very first bid. The right initial bid is often based on the conditions of the market at that time.

When you’re thinking about buying Bellewoods Executive Condo, knowing what you could expect to pay for insurance can help you determine what kind of Bellewoods you could afford. Next, you’ll want to phone an insurance professional to get an idea of what you’ll be paying. You will not necessarily have the insurance but you will get an idea of what you expect to pay after buying a Bellewoods EC. Exemptions and intricacies that involve local tax law can make big differences.

You are going to get your heart broken if you purchase a Bellewoods Executive Condo based upon emotions. You might end up making some pretty bad financial decisions whenever you fall in love with something. There is quite a difference between instinct and emotions. Trusting your instincts means knowing that you’re getting a great Bellewoods for a great value.

Of course, your loan company is going to require that you provide an appraisal of the Bellewoods Executive Condo anyway. However, that is how the bank figures out if your Bellewoods is worth the price you paid for it. Apart from that, you should bring in your own home inspector. The inspector’s job will probably be highlighting possible issues that might eventually need future repairs that are expensive.

If you are a new buyer, you need to use a professional agent. Exclusive buyer agents are the very best agents to hire, if possible. Look for a broker who cares about you and can assist you with methods to optimize your bidding to have the best results. Investing in a piece of Bellewoods Executive Condo is a sizable step, and you do not want to fall victim to rookie blunders.

You Can Learn What It Takes To Find Good Investment Property By Reading This

At least one investment property will be bought by most people at least one time in their life. In the world of property buying, understanding what you are doing is important so that you don’t get taken advantage of. That’s where much investigation into the customs of real estate purchases can assist you. Keeping in mind the end goal to get a good arrangement when buying land and to stay away from tricks, take after the information underneath.

Proper Assessment

An assessment of investment property will probably be required by your lender either way. Your mortgage lender requires an appraisal to ensure the true value of the house justifies the purchase price you will probably be paying. By your side, you should look for your own property inspector. The inspector’s job will probably be highlighting possible issues that can eventually need future repairs that are expensive.

If you’re a new buyer in the real-estate market, the safest option is to go through a professional agent. The very best kind of agent to find is one who is certainly an exclusive buyer. Search for an operator who will remember your interests and will help you with techniques in the midst of the offering procedure. Use an exclusive buyer agent so that you won’t make any avoidable mistakes when purchasing an investment property.

Can it preserve wealth?

When you think about obtaining an investment property, you must dependably ensure you comprehend the ropes. Although buying a property may be an excellent way of building wealth, maintaining that investment can be laborious and expensive. You may lose money if you’re caught having to pay for repairs and issues. This is why it’s advisable to save cash and keep it for situations like repair costs.

Being a pre-approved buyer is very different from being a pre-approved buyer. Lenders will pre-qualify anyone for a real estate loan. On the other hand, getting pre-approved means that a lender has investigated your financial info and made decisions on how much you can afford and how much they are going to lend you. It’s better to be pre-approved so that you do not waste energy and time looking at properties that are beyond your means.

When buying investment property, you need to go 3-6 months without making any large purchases. Your credit profile shouldn’t have too many big risks on it. Lenders want to assist you obtain the very best available loan, so that they need to see all the documentation to establish your reliability. Avoid facing tough lean approvals by not opening any new lines of credit, avoiding buying large and pricey items, and taking on too much new debt.

Buying based on just emotions may lead to problems later. Bad financial endeavors happen if you fall in love with the investment property. Emotions and instincts will lead you in different directions. Trusting your instincts means knowing that you’re getting a great property for a good value.